Who am I:

My name is Bobby Lyons and I am officially announcing my name as a Candidate for US Congressman, 9th District, Memphis TN, in the 2020 Congressional Election. I am a made in America Citizen who have decided that it’s time for an awakening, to return to order and to get involved against the intimidation factor of the benevolence of Congress for illegal immigrants who is in violation of our US Constitution and all our immigration laws just to get VOTES. Witnessing the rise of disruptive influence in leadership malpractice, predatory tendencies and the forces of evil against our Constitution, has created A GEOPOLITICAL CRISIS against America’s POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY. I am ashamed it took me so long to see how bizarre CONSTITUTIONAL DISOBEDIENCE is. I harbor no illusions of a DYSFUNCTIONAL Congress. During the 911 assault against our Country, by VIOLENT EXTREMISTS, I volunteered my service for duty in the Department Of The Navy Military Sealift Fleet Support Command, aboard USNS Supply fast combat support vessel, serving the 7TH Fleet Strike Group. So our Country can remain free of DYSFUNCTIONAL POLITICS. First and foremost, I am a Christian! I am simply a Bible believing Christian who believes the words written in the Bible brings about a public consciousness of objectivism Laws, to restore moral Authority, reality, honor, and integrity, commitment to our Country and decency. I want to stop the fraudulent leadership that will take down our community and divide ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ of self-ownership.


1. I will be the voice who will speak for us.
2. I will be your voice in the US Congress that will uphold our US CONSTITUTION.
3. I will be the voice and vote in Congress that will speak against the benevolence of those in Congress who allow illegal immigrants to violate our US Constitution and all immigration laws resulting from unaccountable leadership that is increasingly dividing the citizen of self-ownership. I will vote against the current policy of allowing illegal immigrants the privilege and the right to replace American born Citizens by voting against the invasion of our borders by illegal immigrants, who defies our laws, replace the American Flag with their country flag and grand rush our borders. Did Congress forget that America is an English-Speaking Nation? Those who want to become citizens MUST ASSIMILATE!
4. They came with their country flags across our US Borders. We are a sovereign nation and no other country flag should be planted on our soil.
5. Liberty and freedom came from GOD and SHOULD BE UPHELD by the Constitution Of The United States Of America and Citizen obeying by the rule of Law. I will promote the POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY OF THE PEOPLE, which is the principle that the authority of a state and its government are created and sustained by the consent of its people, through their elected representatives, (RULE BY THE PEOPLE), who is the source of all political power.
6. Who will speak for US!
7. With your vote, I will speak for us to have all voting rights restored, for those who were incarcerated, after they have paid their debt to society.
8. Who will speak for us! With your vote I will speak for US!
I’ll speak for us to ensure that all our children of all economic backgrounds will have safe schools, playgrounds and parks.
Who will speak for US!
With your vote, I will speak for us to come against inanition (emptiness, exhaustion) from lack of food and the inability to assimilate because of lack of strength or spirit because of the injustice that has been done to the poor, middle class and the down trotted.
1. Who will speak for us! With your vote, I’ll speak for the rest of us who’s only importance is to cast a vote for the same parties that does not operate in our best interest, but instead operate in the best interest of the lobbyist. Instead of implementing policies that benefit those of us who voted for them. They implement policies that benefit the lobbyist.
2. Who will speak for US!
3. With your vote, I will speak for us with the power of our LORD and Savior Jesus the Christ. Jesus spoke for the children, the down trotted, the mentally ill, the sick, and the poor.
4. Who will speak for us? With your vote, I will speak for all of us who love this country and don’t like the direction that the Congress is leading us.
5. WHO WILL SPEAK FOR US, with the help of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and your vote, I will speak for all of us! With the help of HOLY SPIRIT, I will be your voice in the wilderness, crying out against unjust laws perpetrated against the rest of us, favoritism, special interest, and those who don’t ‘Really care about US’!

As a citizen of the 9th District in Memphis, TN, as one who conversate with a lot of citizens in the 9th District, and those who are tired of politics as usual, that our representatives are engulfed in, MUST COME TO AN END! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Those who don’t operate in our best interest MUST GO! We are against the benevolence of Congress for illegal immigrant who is in violation of our US Constitution and all immigration laws.
Unaccountable leadership that’s increasingly denying the Citizens of self-ownership of our country needs to go! Their time has passed!! JUSTICE DEMOCRATS MUST GO!

What time has passed. The time has passed for the neglect of our elected leaders: (1) Policy Band Aide for illegal immigration not adhering to our US Constitution. (2) The time has passed for the Benevolence of Congress for harboring illegal immigrants. (3.) The time has come for illegal immigrants to be held accountable for violating our Immigration Laws as prescribed by the US Constitution. (4) The time is pass for Congress to deny its own Citizens, namely the poor born in American Citizens, to pay for people that are in our country illegally.

Time is out for favoritism with lobbyist who buy and sell our representatives at the expense of the citizens of the 9th District. Time is out for the perverted priorities by our elected officials in Congress.
Time is out for the perverted priorities by Congress slush fund for covering up their misconducts and scandals. Time is out for the fraudulent educational system. Time is out for our perception becoming our reality for lack of knowledge. The Bible says that ‘For lack of knowledge, the people perish!

Time is out for Congress making poverty comfortable for poorer American. Time is out for dumbing down America’s Citizens. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! Time is out for being deceived by Talking Heads On TV, Radio Commentators and in the US Congress. Time is out for bullying by representatives in Congress who has no respect for our US Constitutions nor the decorum that is supposed to be upheld in Congress.
Time is out for the Congress that make poverty comfortable. Time is out for poor schools and poor neighborhoods. Time is out for malpractice of unaccountable leaders. Time is out for the increasingly divided citizens as a result of those in Congress lying to us and lining not only their pockets but also their lobbyist donors’ pocket.

Vote against the fraudulent educational system. Vote against Congress who make poverty comfortable. Vote for Bobby Lyons who shares your values as a Christian Man who believes in Jesus Christ.
It’s time to put a STOP to theatrics and get on with the business of the people! What has Congress done for ‘We The People’.